Kevin Hart's Alleged Sex Tape Blackmailer Hit With Felony Charges

Kevin Hart's last cheating scandal was bizarre, not in that it was unusual for celebrities to cheat on their spouses, but in that the whole thing started with an act blackmail, when someone attempted to extort the comedian into paying an unknown sum money to prevent the leak a sex tape Hart wasn't even aware he had filmed. This led to Hart deciding instead to openly admit the affair online, avoiding having to pay into the ransom. 

It seems now that the person responsible for the blackmail may finally be forced to learn their lesson. According to TMZ, Hart's alleged extortionist is a man named Johnathan Todd Jackson, and has been slapped with two felony counts, one for attempted extortion and one for extortion by threatening letter. 

So while Hart may be getting his revenge on the man who tried to blackmail him for money, he still had to deal with the fallout surrounding the scandal. Perhaps in due part to his willingness to admit his lies publicly rather than have it be exposed might have caught him some slack, as his movie career is still going as strong as ever. He's even been willing to openly mock his own experiences, like in J. Cole's recent music video for "Kevin's Hart," to name one example. 

To anyone thinking trying to blackmail a celebrity for some quick cash, make sure you do it better than this guy did. Maybe cut some letters out a magazine like they did back in the old days.

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