Kevin Hart's "What The Fit" New Episode Shows Jack Black & Chris Paul Basketball Game

Kevin Hart is more than just a comedian. He's an actor, an activist, a businessman, and a physical fitness enthusiast as well. How many comedians do you know with their own sneaker? Hart finds time in his busy schedule to produce a YouTube series called What the Fit. In the series, Hart invites celebrities to compete in athletic tests and exhibitions with him. Terry Crews, Conan O'Brien, Leslie Jones, Scott Easwood, and Khloe Kardashian are just some the stars that have appeared on the series.  In the latest episode Hart's Youtube fitness/comedy series What the Fit, the funnyman invites his Jumanjii co-star Jack Black to play a few skill based basketball games. 

Jack Black recruits Chris Paul to help him win, while Hart selects a random child named Erik. The team places a bet on sneakers, meaning the losing team must walk f the court shoeless. After having a quick shooting contest, the teams split up and plays a game street ball. After taking an early lead, Hart's team falls behind. Luckily, Jack Black is unable to score the winning bucket, which leads to a turnover. In the end, only one team is crowned victorious, and we suggest that you watch the entire hilarious episode to figure out who won. 

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