Khalid & Dwayne Johnson Exchange Compliments After First-Time Meeting

Even famous people get nervous when meeting other celebrities that they admire. Twenty-one-year-old singer Khalid's star is continuing to rise, especially following the release of his number one Billboard 200 charting album Free Spirit. Although he's considered a celebrity himself, he admitted that meeting one of his idols, Dwayne Johnson, threw him for a loop.

"He's awesome and he's super nice. He gave me so many kind words," Khalid said of Johnson. "It's crazy when you look up to someone, especially such as The Rock, and then you meet him, it's like what do you do? You spend like all of your life preparing the sentences that you're going to say and it's none of that. None of that comes out." The singer also said initially, he was starstruck. "At first, it took me like, a good 30 seconds of like, 'Wow.' And then we talked and like I said, it was genuine and it was awesome. He gave me a lot inspiration. I feel like he's an amazing role model so it's super cool to meet someone like The Rock," later saying, "I've got him in my phone book."

Johnson caught wind of Khalid's interview and returned the favor with a compliment of his own. "My boy @thegreatkhalid's the best," Johnson tweeted. "He totally kept his composure when we met, especially after I told him I literally listened to his entire album earlier that afternoon and no idea we were gonna meet that night. True story. Crazy fate." Khalid replied, "BRO!!!!! FATE!!!!"

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