Khalid Reveals Music & Arts Foundation For Underserved Communities

R&B sensation Khalid has certainly come a long way since his arrival on the scene. The vocalist rose to prominence in late 2016, after dropping early works his Soundcloud account and as such, the rest was history. Since then, he has gone onto becoming the voice behind several smash hits such as "Young, Dumb & Broke" and the now-iconic tune "Location." Furthermore, Khalid has seated atop the charts numerous times, released albums which went onto becoming critically acclaim and amassed an impressive amount of awards. 

While everyone has a different way to celebrate their success, many turn to acts of generosity and giving back to the community. Considerably, Khalid is now looking to do the same. According to SPIN, the "Love Lies" artist has announced the launch of a new venture dedicated to serving the folks of his Texas hometown. The Great Khalid Foundation is an initiative set out by the artist to provide an inclusionary space for El Paso's underserved communities to acquire music and fine arts education. 

The organization also offers a few scholarships, some of which were already awarded to three students Performing Arts scholarships. Khalid has shared an Instagram post, reacting to the positive effects of his community efforts: " I wanna give a congratulations to all of the Performing Arts Scholarship winners! Everything is super new right now and it’s all a work in progress but you gotta start somewhere! Manifestation is super important! One day I WILL open up a school, but I gotta believe in myself."

Good look, Khalid. 

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