Khloe Kardashian Attending Game 3 Reaffirms Her Faith In Tristan Thompson

It has been a difficult year for Tristan Thompson. He has taken a back seat to Kevin Love due to the coach choosing a smaller lineup option. In Game 3, his minutes were limited to 14, not enough to make a discernible impact. Beyond his play, his personal life has been no better. You could compare his need damage control to the performance a disaster artist escaping with their life in their hands.

TMZ recovered images Khloe Kardashian escorted court side in the Quicker Loans Arena last night for Game 3. She was on hand to support her baby dad in what appears to be a sign that things are on the mend. TMZ also recovered a photo Khloe and Tristan eating lunch in public on Friday afternoon. 

Her appearance last night communicates the bare minimum: they are still an item. Khloe wore a leopard print dress and sunglasses to conceal her identity (as best she could). She has already dropped much her maternity weight and seems intent on resuming her responsibilities as a public figure. Tristan and his Cavaliers have a shot at sweeping the dispirited Raptors tomorrow night at the Quicker Loans Arena. Sometimes the work place is a "second home," especially when things have gone to bits.

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