Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Daughter True For The First Time

New mother Khloe Kardashian has decided to celebrate her daughter, True Thompson's, one-month birthday by giving the public the first look at her new baby.

In a video on her Instagram posted today, Khloe writes, "?Happy One Month True ?." The video shows True, gazing at her mother while Khloe tells her show much she loves her. For reasons unknown, Khloe opted to use a face-filter to put a flower behind True's ear in the video, perhaps to add another level to the cute factor in the video.

Make no mistake it, True Thompson is a very cute baby. Her little freckles and her blue eyes are, frankly, adorable. Make sure your parents don't see this video, because they might get on your case for some grandchildren.

While the video is obviously focused on baby True, someone who is shown or mentioned in the video is True's father, Tristan Thompson. Of course, True was born in the middle a very unfortunate cheating scandal, in which he was caught with other women several times. While the couple seems to have made up somewhat for the sake True, it's never certain how long these kinds  relationships can last, especially in Hollywood.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers sweeping the Toronto Raptors to enter the Eastern Conference Finals, it seems that True will have to stay in Cleveland for a while before she can make her television debut as the newest Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast member.

Check out the video True Thompson below.

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