Khloe Kardashian Won't Be Pressured By Family To Leave Tristan Thompson

Despite the massive, and extremely poorly timed, cheating scandal that Tristan Thompson created after being caught cheating with approximately five other women, just days before the birth his baby daughter, True, it appears that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan are opting to continue their relationship, with the blessing the Kardashian family. 

The news that the two them would be sticking together is surprising, considering just how much cheating Tristan actually managed to pull during their relationship. That being said, having a child with someone can change everything, and Khloe must be willing to put up with a lot for the sake her baby daughter, and the two them have been spotted together since the incident. 

According to TMZ, the rest the Kardashians will honor Khloe's decision, though they definitely don't agree with it. Kim and Rob have both gone on the record about their thoughts on the whole cheating situation, and it doesn't seem likely that Tristan will necessarily become a welcomed member the family after this. Regardless, they respect Khloe enough to know that she's fully capable making her own decisions. 

Needless to say, Tristan will be kept on an incredibly tight leash from now on if he expects to get a... sixth chance? No more clubbing or DM slides for you, Mr. Thompson! NBA fans won't have any problem keeping Tristan in line, as he seems to be reminded about his bad behavior every time he lines up a free throw.  

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