Kid Capri Goes Off On Funkmaster Flex: "New York Hates You!"

It looks like hip-hop veterans Funkmaster Flex and Kid Capri have some unresolved pressure as the latter recently took to Instagram to upload a video addressing his New York contemporary with a caption reading, “I want smoke with @funkflex.”

“You talkin’ greasy? You the best from the city? You gonna have to prove it to me now,” Capri begins in the new clip. “Now, you got a wall you got to run through. Kid Capri. I’m calling you out. I want all the smoke. Do what you got to do …] we still family and I still love you to death, but you need a spanking. You talk too crazy and I’m gonna shut you up.”

Apparently, the two DJs also had a conversation behind the scenes and Funk Flex responded to Capri by posting a screenshot their exchange in which he tells Capri, “I don’t have to answer to u EVER.”

In response to the screenshot reveal, Capri uploaded yet another clip with a lengthier caption writing, “I SEE YOU PUTTING UP OUR TEXT CONVO ON SOME SNEAKY SHIT!!! Lolololol make sure you put up the whole convo, lolol lame!!!! Make sure You tell your radio fans that every time you got on stage after me, trying to do my fast changing records shit, YOU GOT BOOED!!!! MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT KID CAPRI TEXTED YOU LIKE A MAN TODAY AND YOU SAID THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME, YOU GOT A BIIIIIIIIG HEAD FLEX, AND NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING TO YOU.”

Since then, the two have continued to go back and forth with the latest being a video uploaded by Kid Capri Flex during a set, accudsing the Hot 97 DJ being a “weak ass fraud,” alluding to the beat battle he has attempted to initiate for some time now.

“IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BATTLE, THEN YOU ARE FINISHED IN THIS TOWN!!!! YOUR FINISHED ANYWAY!!!! But at least fight back!!! Tell you what, When you see me for now on, YOU KISS MY RING!! And we will be even Steven!! Slump master!!! @funkflex SAY SOMETHING CLOWN!!!”

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