Kid Cudi Hints At Releasing A Jay-Z Assisted Remix Of "Wild’n Cuz I’m Young"

Cleveland, Ohia native, Kid Cudi, took to Twitter early this morning asking fans to "talk to [him]" since he was on a plane and couldn't sleep. The result was a bunch of fan questions about his future plans for music, possible collaborations, questions on countries he would consider touring in the next coming years, as well as a reveal from Cudi about some unreleased music.

One of the first fan questions Cudi responded to was asking when he was planning on releasing new music, to which the singer/rapper simply replied: "sometime next year." Cudi—whose most recent solo full-length was Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin' in 2016—said back in May that he had now entered his "next stage," noting at the time that he doesn't "drop albums every year anymore." Other questions included whether we could expect to be seeing him doing "a world tour in the next coming years," and whether he would consider "revisiting places like Australia," which he has previously been to, to which Cudi replied that he would "love that," even adding that he would bring people like A$ap Rocky "and the fam."

In answering a question about who he would want to do a collab with next, the "The Prayer" artist said he was unsure, but gave praise to the "Bury A Friend" artist Billie Eilish, saying, "not too sure!! Def a female tho. Who are your favorite female artists? @billieeilish is fire." One fan took to the platform to let Cudi know his favorite track, admitting: "Wild’n cause I’m young by @KidCudi will forever be my song❤️🔥." At this point, Cudi took the chance to reveal he has exactly such a "fuckin epic" remix of his Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager cut "Wild'n Cuz I'm Young" in the vault. "Gonna try to release that someday," he added, though he sadly did not go on to follow the statement with a link to the JAY-assisted rework in question.


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