Kid Ink’s Twitter Hacked, Disrespects XXXTentacion, Drake & More

Every so often, celebrities are subjected to the dreaded social media hack, a process that leads to mild embarrassment and brief yet potentially catastrophic misunderstandings. In 2017, Metro Boomin found himself subjected to a bovine-centric hack, which prompted the superproducer to double down on his password strength in retaliation. Earlier this year, Takeoff's Twitter was seized, prompting leaks of Quavo's phone number among other private information. Suffice it to say, aspiring and clout-hungry hackers are eager to steal the spotlight, if only for a brief moment. 

Yesterday, fan favorite Kid Ink found himself on the receiving end of a grand-theft-Twitter, which ultimately led to the disrespect to fly foul. The faux-Ink wasted little time in slandering XXXTentacion, writing "1 year ago today XXX died, never liked that homo but RIP." The hacker also let fly some juvenile ass-eating references, claiming that ""Drakes butthole is tasty AF." The third was aimed at Lil Pump, with the hacker writing "Hey @lilpump your music is STRAIGHT TRASHHHHHHH DAWG !!"

The hacker did not stop there, and it took more than a minute for Kid Ink to regain control of his account; the process even came at the cost of his verified badge, which he assures followers will return in the near future. Hopefully, Kid Ink can shake this one off, as a social media hack can feel like a violating process. For what it's worth, the fans stand behind him, even as his spell of rotten luck continues. 

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