Kim Kardashian Dresses Up As Princess Jasmine And North Isn't Having It

Kim Kardashian is the Queen make-up, she's even accelerated her love for highlighters and eyeshadow by releasing her own line looks dubbed KKW Beauty. So it comes as no surprise that the mother three has teamed up with make-up artist Kandee Johnson to do a full Princess Jasmine transformation, that happens to be the character her favourite Disney movie, Aladdin

In the video below you can see the final look before the various clips the step-by-step moves to bring the whole look together. If you're not into the whole make-up tutorial thing then just watch the very beginning where Kim calls her oldest daughter, North, pretending to be Jasmine. "You’re really Kim!” North says in the video, where Kim tells her that she just got ahold her mommy's phone while Kim is actually on the magic carpet. 

All cheesiness aside, it's a pretty cute moment between Kim and her daughter. Check it out in full below. 

In other news surrounding Kim, check out this cute photo she posted to Instagram her and Kanye, Saint and North taking a nature walk in Wyoming.

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