Kim Kardashian To Meet With Alice Marie Johnson Face To Face: Report

Last week, Kim Kardashian paid a visit to the White House where she met with President Donald Trump in a meeting about prison reform & sentencing, which Trump said "went great." Kim was also there to talk about the pardoning 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who has been in prison for more than 20 years for a drug fense, and is not eligible for parole. Well thankfully Kim got through to Trump because it was revealed the other day that Alice was commuted & freed.

“Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades. Despite receiving a life sentence, Alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison, and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates," the White House said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Now free, Kim is planning on meeting with Alice Marie Johnson face to face after she was initially moved by her story Twitter. Sources tell TMZ that Kim and her team are working to arrange a meeting with Alice that could happen as early as this week. Kim will most likely travel to Alice as she currently adjusts to life outside the prison walls, but the meeting looks to be happening.

Alice told reporters upon her release that she was thankful and felt like her life was starting over again.

Salute to Kim for taking action on this story and her attorney, Shawn Holley, who's the real hero for communicating with Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump over the the months to make this really happen. 


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