Kim Kardashian West Visits Women's Prison & Meets With Inamtes

Last month, Kim Kardashian visited president Donald Trump and convinced him to release Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson is a 63-year-old grandmother who has spent the last 20 years in prison due to a non-violent drug charge. She was sentenced to serve life for her involvement with a drug trafficking organization, but Kim argued in her defense. The fact that Trump listened to Kim is shocking, and now the Kardashian is taking her prison reform mission more seriously. 

According to TMZ, Kim visited the California Institution for Women in Corona Friday afternoon, and spoke with a few the inmates. Surrounded by bodyguards, Kim toured the grounds to observe the living situations for the inmates. She spoke in depth with the ladies in the jail about how they were being treated, what their plans were after leaving, and what their dreams and goals are. Allegedly, Kim is doing some hands-on research for a program she wants to launch. The program would help women who are leaving prison to adjust back into the world. That can include counseling, tutoring, and being put in a position to find work. Kim's action feel altruistic, and the people claiming that her proposed program wouldn't do any good are probably the same people who claimed her visiting the White House was pointless as well. 

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