Kobe Bryant OK With Lakers Drafting LiAngelo Ball "If It Will Help Win"

Kobe Bryant doesn't care who the Los Angeles Lakers select with their 25th and 47th overall picks in the June 21st NBA Draft, so long as those players help the Lakers get back atop the NBA hierarchy. 

TMZ Sports reportedly caught up with the Lakers legend as he was leaving ABC Studios in New York City and they asked him straight up, "With the NBA Draft coming up], what do you want the Lakers to do?" His response: "Win."

Kobe was then asked about LaVar Ball's master plan to get LiAngelo Ball on the Lakers this Summer to play alongside his older brother Lonzo. Kobe shrugged at the idea and said, "If it'll help win." That's not necessarily a ringing endorsement, but it's better than him laughing right in the cameraman's face.

LiAngelo, 19, recently told ESPN LA that it is a "priority" to play with Lonzo, citing the fact that he and his brother are undefeated ever since they started hooping together.

“Lakers is my priority, for sure,” LiAngelo told ESPN L.A.. “I want to play with my brother. Ever since I played with Zo, we went undefeated. Same thing will happen when we get older. We’re just going to get stronger and faster and better feel for the game. It will be a good outcome. “… I’m willing to play for other teams. That’s fine if they pick me. My priority is the Lakers. I just want to play with my brother.”

According to Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman, none the scouts he has reached out to believe Ball will play in the NBA anytime soon. 

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