Kodak Black Contemplates His Life In Mysterious Update From Federal Pen

Kodak Black is still locked up in the Fed on charges of twice falsifying documents while attempting to obtain a firearm. Kodak allegedly lied when he wrote on his gun application that he wasn't facing any criminal charges when, in fact, he is facing serious charges of doing bad things to a female high school student in South Carolina.  

He's going to trial in August on the weapons charges, which could get him ten years Fed time. Then he will have to face the music in South Carolina, where he's facing 30. Given his long criminal record and many second chances, this could be the end of Kodak's career.

Last night, Kodak sent out an IG message from behind bars in which he counted his blessings.

"I Got A Name In These Streets , Plenty Money To Blow , I Got Whips , 32`s & Jewelry To Show .. It Aint A Hoe I Cant F*ck I Got Bitches Galore , Jus Dont Kno If This Sh*t Worth Goin FED For," he typed.

Are you going to miss Kodak if he's gone for good?


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