Kodak Black To Receive Hard Drive Of Music & Jewelry Seized During Raid

Kodak Black has had a rough 2018 so far and it looks like we won't be seeing him until the fall. The rapper was arrested on guns and drugs charges but later struck a plea deal. The rapper plead guilty to two probation violation counts driving with a suspended license and "associating with people commuting crimes." A few weeks after the report his sentencing came, the rapper claimed that police took hard drives unreleased music, jewelry and a whole lot cash during the raid. Fortunately, the police are being ordered to return the belongings back to Kodak.

According to TheBlast, the items seized during the raid at Kodak Black's home will be returning to the rightful owner. They've confirmed that a judge has now ordered the police to hand over the seized items to Kodak Black. While he was mainly concerned about the money, music and the jewelry, the judge has ordered that they return art, electronics and clothing they took from his home.

The items include:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Red backpack
  • A FedEx envelope with bank documents
  • Check from Lexus
  • LG phone and chargers
  • Hard drive containing original music
  • $2,000 found in a desk
  • $152 found on a nightstand
  • $680 found under a mattress
  • $442 found in a bag
  • $23,253 found in a safe
  • Pair purple and orange shoes
  • Gold metal Sniper Gang emblem with chain
  • Sniper Gang sweaters, vests, and t-shirts
  • Wall art with Sniper Gang logo
  • Painting with person kneeling and the words “kill bill” and “project baby”
  • Painting with two faces on it
  • Small painting with a face and highlighted gold teeth
  • ZTE flip phone

In other Kodak Black news, the rapper is apparently still recording music from jail. His engineer revealed that he's been recording verses through the phone. He also just dropped f a new song with Jadakiss and TXS, "Mama."

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