Kodak Black Was Informed Of "Feds Clocking His Whereabouts" Prior To Arrest

Kodak Black was indeed arrested before taking the stage at Rolling Loud last night. Having said that, there's a reason to believe Kodak Black knew of his fate before making the trek yet chose to venture out in the public anyways. Kodak acknowledged a tip alleging that an incursion by the Feds was taking place in his close proximity.

The conversation began as Kodak Black, rather inconspicuously, addressed his doubters with a throwaway haiku. "Everybody Laughed At Me Cried Later," he had posted on Twitter, eliciting a  tip-off from a user posing under the handle of "kendrick.parker47."

According to the Twitter user, federal agents had his workplace inquiring about his whereabouts - by which we can deduce Kodak doesn't know the "good samaritan" personally. Had 'kendrick' opted to relay the message DMs, it probably would have been lost somewhere in the abyss.

In any event, Kodak Black was in no position to play hideaway due to his Rolling Loud obligations. As Brian Entin of Miami's WSVN 7 News was quick to note, ATF, Miami-Dade Police's Gang Unit and United States Marshals were all on site when Kodak was apprehended. The "Florida Man" really didn't have much of a choice in the matter, did he?

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