Kodak Black Won’t Be Getting Bail; Might be Gone For Good

Earlier this month, Kodak Black was arrested by the Feds for twice falsifying documents while attempting to obtain a firearm. Kodak allegedly lied when he wrote on his gun application that he wasn't facing any criminal charges when, in fact, he is facing serious charges he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in South Carolina.  

The Feds have also implicated him without charge in the shooting up of an unnamed rival rapper's house with one of the firearms he obtained under those false premises.

That's some heavy stuff, and probably why today a Federal court has granted a prosecutors' motion to revoke Black's bond. The judge called Kodak "a danger to the community" and cited his pattern of arrests for why the decision to grant him bail was reversed. 

The 21-year old will remain locked up until at least his trial starts in September. He is facing up to ten years on the Federal charges. He is also facing up to 30 years for his case in South Carolina.

So it may be a while before he sees freedom. 

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