Kölsch announces cancellation of upcoming Cercle stream

On May 25, Kölsch announced what would be a huge upcoming stream with the brand Cercle, who are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to streaming. Set to be his first time in Cyprus where the stream was due to take place in the stunning Saint Hilarion castle, he has just now announced that he has sadly had to cancel.

Set to go ahead this Monday, May 31 he stated reasons for why he had to cancel in a Facebook post as follows:

It saddens me to announce that my team, the Cercle crew and I have decided to cancel the scheduled Cercle stream on Monday May 31st. Since announcement, I have been flooded with comments and personal messages, and I no longer feel safe performing the stream. My intention was never to appear ignorant, offend or hurt anyone, but only to share a moment of beauty and music with all of Cyprus, and the world. I have since come to learn that the venue of St. Hillarion, and the history of Cyprus is very delicate, and I can only wish for a peaceful resolution in the near future.’

Although majority of comments were that of excitement about the stream, the conflict from others had lead Kölsch to decide to cancel this event. Although it is a sad moment, we are sure that the legendary producer and the brand will team up again like they have done so in the past. Luckily, we can still enjoy the moment where the they teamed up for a stunning Eiffel Tower stream in Paris below on YouTube.

Image credit: press

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