Kramder Debuts Near Perfect EP On CONFESSIONS – 'Funktastic' [EDM Sauce Premiere]

The sounds house music from the mid-90s and early 2000s helped shape the future music in many pround ways. France has always been a breeding ground for talented house producers. Artists like Daft Punk and DJ Falcon helped start an iconic movement and now, artists such as Tchami and Malaa are making sure to not only keep the very same movement alive but also help it flourish in the modern day.

Tchami has achieved this mission through his own work as a producer as well as through his label, CONFESSIONS. The young imprint has helped give rise to one the most beloved sounds in dance music today while simultaneously pushing some the most talented artists in the game today into the limelight. In short – whoever is in charge A&R at CONFESSIONS deserves a raise. If you look fondly back on Daft Punk's Homework or DJ Falcon's debut, Hello My Name Is DJ Falcon then we have a real treat for you today.

Kramder – Funktastic EP

You may not be familiar with the name Kramder just yet. But the up and coming artist has just released one the most impressive EPs 2018. The two song effort is known as ‘Funktastic' and the extended play entirely lives up to its name. The lead-f single, ‘Groove Sauce', is a buttery single that breaths new life into house music with a modern take on classic sounds.

Immediately upon listening, it is clear that Kramder has an innate talent for producing funky singles that inherently just work. It would be easy to mistake this track for an early production Daft Punk or Justice. And that is not something I say lightly; the nostalgia-inducing track is just that good. The closing track ‘Pure Gasoline' is just as funky and impressive.

Relying on a steady driving bass line and classic vocal samples, ‘Pure Gasoline' is a throwback to the golden era house. Cascading, laser-like synths can be found throughout furthering the overall cohesion the track. By the end this tune, the listener will absolutely feel the need to dance.


While we know little about Kramder, we are aware the most important detail – he is one hell a producer. With this release, CONFESSIONS has once again demonstrated that it not only has its ear to the ground when identifying new talent but also still respects where it came from.

With artists like Tchami and now Kramder continuing to produce some the most captivating music in the modern day, the future house and in turn, CONFESSIONS is very, very bright. Check out ‘Funktastic' below, and give him a like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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