Krewella Pulls Music Video Shading Deadmau5, Re-Uploads Edited New Version

Krewella recently released a music video for their fired up statement track, ‘Bitch the Year”. The song holds back absolutely nothing and features the sisters going all out in rap verse. In the background the video they have rapid fire images men accused misogyny and/or sexual harassment while they go in calling for female empowerment. Featured in the video are the likes disgraced film producer and sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, as well as Donald Trump who is precariously wading an NDA-based lawsuit with a former porn star.

That being said the video was pulled yesterday and re-upload today with one major change. In the original, images Deadmau5 appeared on screen next to the other individuals aforementioned. It is no secret that Mau5 and Krewella have never truly seen eye to eye. There was seemingly some legal action threatened, and therefore the original video was pulled. The new re-upload is about the same but does not feature the iconic Mau5 head as it once did. Check out the new version the video below.

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