KSHMR Once Again Alters His Sound To Release What Might Be The Best Single Of 2018 So Far

I literally get a bit tired always and only writing positive reviews KSHMR's music. I literally find myself going into his songs with an even more critical ear than other artists since I so rarely have anything negative to say. But here we are again – KSHMR has again released an gorgeous, captivating, powerful track. This time it is with Sidnie Tipton.

‘House Cards' starts f about as what you would expect. Sidnie Tipton immediately establishes a powerful vocal hook that reigns throughout the production, soon though as the song develops it is obvious that ‘House Cards' is not your typical KSHMR track. It is thoroughly chilled out and an electrifying guitar riff acts as the hook throughout. Towards the end though KSHMR produces a sound that transcends the expected. Around the 2:15 mark in the track he starts to use rising synths that I have come to closely associate with Daft Punk.

It produces instant goosebumps and reminds me the robot's track ‘Contact' f their last LP, ‘Random Access Memories'. KSHMR continues to master a craft which he is already out in front , and with each release he demonstrates that when it comes down to it – just about nobody is catching up anytime soon.

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