KSHMR Teases New Alias With Ominous New Video Across Social Medias

KSHMR is a producer who I will most likely never get tired listening to. While the CA born artist has explored several different genres throughout his career, his mastery production has shined through in each and every track. When someone is that talented, they are able to seamlessly jump between genres and explore new soundscapes. Take Eric Prydz and Martin Garrix as examples. Both Eric and Martin have several side projects highlighting their different experiments.

KSHMR has decided to jump into the alias game. While fans are still uncertain that KSHMR is in fact The MVI, all signs point to the project being a new moniker for the artist. So far the alias sounds like equal parts ominous and joyous. Check out the video below and stayed tuned for new details as they emerge.

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