KUURO Announces Debut Tour, Drops Ultra-Heavy Single "Omen"

KUURO is unstoppable. Even before the duo lifted the veil and revealed themselves to be the acclaimed trance producers Juventa & Luke Shipstad, KUURO had already risen to become one  Monstercat‘s most beloved acts, continually blowing listeners away with their impressive sound design, epic compositions and immersive atmospheres.

Besides earning the duo consistent record contracts with Monstercat, KUURO’s distinct sound & branding has caused them to catch the attention some the biggest names in the EDM world (David Guetta, Zedd, Knife Party … Just to name a few) and got them some nice gigs along the way, too.

Following up on their appearance at Holy Ship! 2018, Juventa & Shipstad have ficially announced their very first headlining tour as a duo. The tour will run from March 15th to April 8th, taking KUURO to 13 different cities across the US (including a stop in Shipstad’s hometown, Seattle). Check out the full list tour dates and grab your tickets .

Coinciding with the news their debut tour is the release KUURO’s brand new single “Omen.” Self-described as their “heaviest track yet,” “Omen” packs some serious punch. The song’s bassline is absolutely earth-shattering and thankfully works itself into both the drumstep and D&B drops, blasting listeners with pure filth. “Omen” also impressively mixes in some Arabian influences, which truly emphasizes KUURO’s uniqueness and versatility.

Listen to “Omen” below:

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