Kygo – Kids In Love (Album Remixes)

Kygo - Kids In Love (Album Remixes)

Kygo – Kids In Love Remixes

Norwegian tropical house superstar Kygo is back on the radar, releasing a remix album  Kids In Love. With a rap verse by Gucci Mane, acoustic versions, and diverse remixes from Jack Wins, Australian DJ Ryan Riback, Alan Walker, Brazilian Alok, deep house producer Sam Feldt and remix masters The Him. Missing tracks are ‘Sunrise’, ‘With You’, and ‘I See You’, but ‘This Town’ from the is featured.

‘This Town’ – Gucci Mane Edit

The Gucci Mane edit is the most bizarre on the album. It simply features an out--place rap by Gucci Mane in place the fourth verse, on an otherwise unedited version the song. The subject the rap (Gucci wondering if his girl is just into him for his money) has nothing to do with the pining nature Sasha Sloan‘s vocals on the original. It is more reminiscent that time Rich Homie Quan dropped a verse into ‘‘ by Lil Dicky, but since that was intentionally done for the comedy, it is curious how this Gucci verse somehow made it into an ficial remix release.

‘Never Let You Go’ – Jack Wins Remix

Dutch DJ Jack Wins takes the already pleasant track featuring vocals from John Newman and turns it into an upbeat house track. The bounce and feel will keep you moving more than the original, but is still recognizable and takes breaks in the same parts the track. The track ends quite abruptly unfortunately, leaving you wanting more.

‘Never Let You Go’ – Acoustic Version

Kygo is famed for his gentle acoustic performances as much as his energetic live shows. The piano-only version ‘Never Let You Go’ features an incredibly emotional performance from John Newman and some background female vocals to add to the intensity. The speed the track remains the same, and Kygo still manages to make it build beautifully at the end with his piano performance.

‘Riding Shotgun’ – Ryan Riback Remix

Aussie remixer Ryan Riback takes the original ‘Riding Shotgun’ and drives it with an 80s feeling bass line, utilizing Kygo’s piano chords effectively in the buildup before the first drop. The second drop expertly brings that release and energy you want in a dance track, combining all the elements for a big boosting finish.

‘Stranger Things’ – Alan Walker Remix

Known for his very signature (stale?) rhythms, Alan Walker’s take on ‘Stranger Things’ is an immediately recognizable melodic remix, Featuring the same syncopated beats and triplet on the fourth beat you can hear on countless Walker tracks, the pattern at least is not out place with the OneRepublic vocals. This remix is easy listening, but slightly disappointing.

‘Kids In Love’  – The Him Remix

With the first three remixes the titular ‘Kids In Love’, Dutch duo The Him breaks absolutely no rules and delivers the next disappointing remix on the album. The extra piano chords build the track a little more but the beat is basic, and the vocals from The Night Game are still what push the track over the edge.

‘Kids In Love’ – Alok Remix

Another remix with an 80s feel, this time on the drums, Alok brings a nice change to the original track, experimenting with different melodies over top the track. The vocals are cut, modified and used with the melody. Alok’s fering is different and appreciated.

‘Kids In Love’ – Acoustic Version

The acoustic version is played on an old, twangy piano to great effect. Vocals from The Night Game really shine through here. Emotive, expressive and nostalgic, this is easily the best track on the album so far. Kygo could just release a fully acoustic album and make all his fans happy.

‘Permanent’ – Sam Feldt Remix

Ending strong, Sam Feldt delivers what I’ve been waiting for. A truly remixed version a song, true to the original but fresh in the interpretation. This track bounces from JHart‘s base vocals to expert chops, a different tropical feel in the lead up with what sounds like xylophone, and bright synth chords fering a different melody.

Kygo – Kids In Love Remixes

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