Kygo Teams Up With Imagine Dragons For A Near Perfect Pop Crossover – 'Born To Be Yours'

This collaboration set the world on fire this week as it was just so unexpected. While Kygo has worked with musical innovators many different genres, a collaboration with Imagine Dragons was not one people were counting on. After a week social media teasers, today we are finally able to listen to the final product, and it is pretty darn good.

Kygo & Imagine Dragons – ‘Born To Be Yours'

The track is the perfect fusion the two artist's styles. The song's first-minute features Imagine Dragons as the centerpiece. Their style is instantly recognizable. But slowly, the track takes shape and Kygo's signature tropical house melodies take center stage.

If I had one complaint the song doesn't seem to necessarily flow together perfectly. In many ways, it sounds like Kygo produced his sections while Imagine Dragons did theirs, then the two were thrown together with not much synergy. This is, course, a very small detail about an otherwise excellent track.

Kygo has hit another home run, and I predict this one will get radio spins for the next several weeks. Check out the track below.

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