Kyle Opens Up About Being Bullied Over Lisp On The Breakfast Club

Charlamagne is out here asking the pressing questions. "Why you got on that big-ass coat, man? It's May" he asks, alluding to Kyle's winter apparel. Kyle's answer will no doubt ruffle the feathers any Canadian in the mix. "When you come to New York, especially from California, you have no clue. I guarantee when I walk outside it might be raining." Charlamagne isn't convinced. "You look like the shooter," he says. All Kyle can do is smile and shrug.

On a more serious note, the Breakfast Club conversation shifts to his childhood, after Kyle admits to getting bullied as a kid. When Charlamagne expresses shock at the notion, Kyle replies with "I feel like if me and you went to school you'd definitely be bullying me." Charlamagne neither confirms or denies this suggestion. "I did have a speech impediment," says Kyle, bonding with Charlamagne over their lisps. Charlamagne proceeds to ride for the Lisp squad, saying "Mike Tyson and Kool G Rap had lisps, lisps always been cool! Biggie had a lisp." 

"I feel like the reason Mike Tyson could whoop so much ass is cause he had a lisp," says Kyle. "He probably got bullied as a kid." Unfortunately, Kyle was not spared the wrath the schoolyard. "People called me sharktooth, Dracula...I got made fun so much cause I couldn't afford braces." He proceeds to explain that he decided to keep himself as if, citing J. Cole's "Crooked Smile" for making him feel "hella comfortable."

Peep the entire interview with Kyle below, and sound f below.

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