KYLE Says "The Hip-Hop Community" Should Be Making More Movies

KYLE's film debut sees him starring in Netflix's After Party that follows a young kid whose mundane rapping career gets a boost after a viral video shows him puking all over Wiz Khalifa. According to the "Playinwitme" rapper, the industry needs more films like these and he wishes he had a flick like this to watch back in the day. 

“This is a movie that I wish I had when I was 17 years old,” he said at the film’s premiere. “I needed to see it in real life. I needed to see what I was trying to accomplish in a film that’s so descriptive, so accurate to the story of being a rapper.”

Teyana Taylor, DJ Khaled, and French Montana also make cameos in the film and according to KYLE there needs to be more artists in the film industry. “All of the hip-hop community should start trying to bridge those two together,” KYLE added. “The art of storytelling in rap is so potent, and the art of storytelling in film is so potent. It’s like they’re meant for each other.”

“From the beginning, this movie was for the culture — for the hip-hop culture — for the youth, and also just for the dreamers around the world,” Harrison Holzer, who also stars in the film said. “It was for the dreamers and for the hustlers. It was important for us to shed light on this story about two kids who have been grinding and hustling.”

The flick debuts on Netflix on August 24th.

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