Kylie Jenner Says She Still Feels Pregnant, Eats Whatever She Wants

Kylie Jenner is known for her killer figure, sporting a set curves that accentuate her womanly proportions. However, childbirth, and all the extra pounds that come with nurturing a growing fetus, routinely distort even the most fit individuals as a result pregnancy cravings. 

Speaking with Harpers Bazaar, the cosmetics mogul is opening up about her post-pregnancy body and how she's adapting to having undergone a physical transformation since giving birth. 

When asked if she's altered her diet and fitness routine since becoming a mother, Jenner admits "I actually haven’t! I really need to tone up and start working out just for health. I am honestly not even checking my weight all the time. I actually love my body—I love every stage that it’s been through."

Jenner continues to note how "I am as surprised as everyone else. I still feel like I’m pregnant; I’m eating whatever I want. I don’t even have time to workout unless I wake up at like six in the morning. I am so busy. I do want to get more into working out, because my best friend Jordyn is so motivational. She works out if not once a day twice a day. I think it’s just the Jenner genes."

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is hawking her latest collaboration with her mother Kris Jenner for her namesake cosmetics line titled "Kris Cosmetics." The matriarch also spoke with the magazine about how she stays fit at 60, revealing "I think just being able to stay active and work out and try and eat somewhat healthy and take care myself. All the things that they say to do—it’s what I am trying to do now. So I’m playing around with my diet right now and trying to find a great balance."

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