Kylie Minogue Will Play Berghain On Her Upcoming Tour

Kylie Minogue Will Play Berghain On Her Upcoming Tour

Let the Berghain games begin! Kylie Minogue is heading to this hedonistic Berlin spot to perform her newest album ‘Golden‘. The Australian singer/former Neighbors star announced her tour dates for next month with Berghain as the final stop. For those you who don’t know, Berghain is Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub notorious for long lines and wait times with maximum rejection entry. Throw in your 2000’s international pop star and who knows how your night here will go. Only iconic, intimate, and fun venues are stops on Minogue’s tour. Berghain is fun for most people if you’re lucky enough to get in.


March 13 kicks f the tour at London’s Café de Paris then Minogue heads to Gorilla in Manchester on March 14. Following up, she stops at Bikini Club in Barcelona on March 16, then Café de la Danse on March 18. Finally, she ends with Berghain two days later. Kylie released her first track, ‘Dancing‘, from ‘Golden’ last month. Her 14th studio album was recorded in Nashville, Texas, and releases on April 6. It is made up 16 tracks all co-written by Minogue.

Minogue has promised heart and soul for this record. True to her word, here is her mini, intimate UK tour to showcase. “It’s ended up with with a different direction for sure, but essentially I’d still say it’s very much a Kylie record,” the pop star comments. Will this ‘different direction’ mean vocals on top rowdy techno?

Her show at Berghain will remind us exactly what the club is about. This show, however, doesn’t really help the club as it is now dance music’s biggest meme. Want to see for yourself? go on sale for the tour on February 15 at 10 am. We really hope you can get into Berghain…

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