Kyrie Irving Told Cavs "We Don't Need Him" Before LeBron's 2014 Return: Report

A few years ago LeBron James is believed to have said to Kyrie Irving following a game between the Heat and the Cavaliers: "Keep going, keep doing what you're doing. You never know, I could be back here one day." According to Dave McMenamin ESPN, Kyrie was in a dour mood upon returning to the locker room that evening, and not because his side lost the contest, but because as it turns out, Kyrie didn't like the idea LeBron returning to his team.

Once in the locker room, Kyrie motioned to his teammates, "What's he talking about, we don't need him," thus revealing the nature his discussion with Bron. As fate would have it, LeBron would eventually return to his hometown club, and Kyrie and him made it work for the better part three seasons before forcing a trade to the Boston Celtics.

According to Dave McMenamin, Kyrie wanted out Cleveland as soon as they clinched their NBA title in 2015–16, but bid his time for another year, a decision he came to under the guidance his inner circle. ESPN's Dave McMenamin is largely credited with providing the insider information which elucidated Kyrie's wanton desire to leave in the first place.

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