Laidback Luke Feels Misinterpreted After Saying Sound Design Doesn't Matter

Late yesterday afternoon (January 16), Laidback Luke started the discussion stating that sound design is “really not that important.” Instead, Laidback Luke says it's better to learn how to program beats, put things in key, learn how melodies work, arranging and then finishing tracks first. “Sound design will come much later.”

It seems that Laidback Luke's fanbase has been asking him to provide an educational VLOG on the topic, however Laidback Luke says that sound design is a luxury and not a necessity. “It's fun, but you'll always suck compared to the pressionals that design presets. As a living. For you to readily use.”

Many producers including San Holo, Habstrakt, and Sullivan King were quick to chime, while Laidback Luke said what he said was a misinterpretation.

Read the series tweets below.

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