Laidback Luke's Latest Vlog Dedicated as "A Tribute To Avicii"

Known by many as one the key influences in Tim Bergling's discovery and rise to fame, the untimely passing the Swedish producer has taken a toll on Laidback Luke. We have been exposed to the thoughts and feelings many the worlds most prominent names in the wake his passing and none have provided more context than that Luke's. Since Tim took to Luke's website prior to his rise in order to share his tracks and way to better create, it has come to light just how much an impact Luke really had on his life as one the most desired names in the industry.

Luke has taken the time over recent years to share different ideas and thoughts on pretty much everything revolving around the industry. The Vlog centered around Avicii is something we all hoped for and are happy he took the time to share. Many you may remember Luke stating a few years back that Avicii looked like a shell the Tim he once knew and didn't see him making it much longer with the lifestyle in which he was living. My key take away from pretty much everything I am reading/hearing is that Avicii was working within a life that required him to face his biggest fear every night, performing live. the Vlog is great, it even shows us a sentimental dedication to Avicii at his show at Marquee in NYC.

Photo Cred: Laidback Luke

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