Larry Heard's playing his first German live show at Berghain

Larry Heard, aka Mr Fingers, will be performing live at Berghain in Berlin on September 19.

He's playing the Bring Down The Walls event started by Tamo Sumo and Lakuti, who describe it as an attempt to "nurture a more caring music community music presentation, discussions and screenings."

Heard and Robert Owens have been hailed as the inspiration for the project. Tamo Sumo and Lakuti describe how Heard’s music has “touched them in a deep and profound way”.

David Elimelech joins Heard, Tamo Sumo and Lakuti on the night.

Find out more about the night here and how you’ll beat the bouncers and get into Berghain.

Max Penny-Barrow is a freelance journalist, follow him on Twitter

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