Last year's rumored Daft Punk "leak" has been revealed

Back in March of 2018, was sent into a frenzy after someone claimed they found a clip of a leaked Daft Punk track on SoundCloud.

A mysterious Soundcloud user with the handle “User19972001200420132019” uploaded a track titled ‘x’, which spans just 17 seconds. The short clip features a classic French electro motif with deep robot vocals possessing a likeness to previously released Daft Punk material. Once the track was posted on the r/daftpunk subreddit, the debate began on whether this could possibly be a new Daft Punk track and tall tales of a new Daft Punk track, album or tour started swirling around the internet.

Today it has been confirmed that the clip of Daft Punk's rumored leak was actually the work of a rising French producer by the name of TKNIK who has now unveiled the tune in question, titled 'Baby You Want (feat. Gamble & Burke)'.

“Everything happened so fast I actually feared for myself, especially as a Daft Punk enthusiast, not meaning to steal their thunder," said TKNIK in a recent press release.

The track, which TKNIK has now released in full Sidekick Music, can be streamed below.

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