Laurel Halo curates MODE’s 2019 event series

Laurel Halo is curating MODE's 2019 event series.

Back for its second year after Ryuchi Sakamoto's series in 2018, the events will run through September and October. Laurel Halo will welcome a selection of artists including Wolfgang Voigt present GAS (live), Eli Keszler, DEBONAIR, Julia Holter, Rashad Becker, Eliane Radigue, Ellen Arkbro, Steven Julien aka Funkineven, Yosuke Fujita and more.

The line-up has been attentively curated for each event, with Halo herself stating: “For MODE, I wanted to invite artists who inspire through the clarity and urgency of their own unique perspectives, as well as represent various cities and sounds to which I am aesthetically beholden.

"Parts that form a fleeting whole, I’m excited to hear and see their work, flowing in cross-currents. These artists have informed my own practice; to me, they drive the conversation forward about what music and art can be.”

MODE launches on September 18 at the Round Chapel, a space that has been standing since 1871 in Clapton, East London. For this she brings along Julia Holter, Eli Kezler and Tashi Wada Ensemble.

Other shows include an all-night party on September 21 and a 10-hour live ambient event on September 28 with Wolfgang Voigt performing GAS live.

Check the line-ups below and grab tickets here.

[Photo: Phillip Aumann]

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