LaVar Ball Is Cool With Male Cheerleader In Pro Sports: "They Better Than The Girls"

Don't mistake LaVar Ball for those other luddites with their hands in check. Sure his apolitical stance on issues pertaining to the NFL Anthem protests painted him as a conservative, but maybe his views are more indicative of a man resisting responsibility, and not by chance, spewing ignorance. His radio appearance on Power 106's The Cruz Show produced a delightful turn in character. When asked if he thought the NFL should implement Male Cheerleaders, he seemed warmed to the idea. His reasoning: "if you gon' dance and do your craft.... I don't mind it."

Of course, LaVar Ball isn't a decision maker in the realm of football, but his JBA league is a progressive move. If the NCAA wants to eliminate their greatest expense, which is paying their talent corps, then why shouldn't an alternative exist. Not only that, LaVar Ball has enlisted a few male "dancers" as entertainment for JBA games. As CNN reported, NFL teams have been permitted to cast male cheerleaders on the sidelines. Teams like The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints have been the first to follow suit. LaVar Ball is of the opinion that the men he's hired are often "better than the girl dancers," so take note Jerry Jones.

 Ball's progressive stance merited a vociferous clap from the Power 106 staff. In 2018, LaVar Ball rarely leaves the scene with his tail tucked, not that he ever did. Where do you stand on men becoming paid members of NFL cheerleading units?

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