LeBron James Begins Oddly Timed Renovation Of His $23 Million LA Crib

LeBron's performance last night in Game 6 gave us little inkling he might want to leave Cleveland in the summer. His back-to-back threes in the 4th quarter gave his team the cushion they needed to secure a 7th game in the series, not to mention a stat line one assist short a triple double. But while he was out there baking cakes, his realtor and a renovation team were busy revamping his newly purchased Brentwood mansion.

LeBron copped the mansion in December for a whopping $23 million, his second in the area. The 15,846 square foot home comes equipped with a theater room, wine cellar, cigar room (with air purifying technology) and bar coated in onyx. Apparently those amenities are not enough to satisfy his habitual lifestyle, as he's looking to modify a few the arrangements and add a few more. Paperwork for a wood-fired pizza oven is being filed as we speak. Installation an indoor wine tap is underway, as well as the construction a basketball court (go figure?).

Fans can speculate all they want about LeBron's fseason plans, but even if he were to win a championship with this Cavs roster, he may want to do less heavy lifting in the future. LeBron making his mansion in Los Angeles "slightly" more livable is something we simply can't ignore as fans the sport. Check the renovation photos here.

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