Lebron James makes $26 Million dollars off his 2% investment in Liverpool FC – HipHopOverload.com

Lebron James continues to kill it f the court with his investments. Back in 2011 Lebron paid $6.5 Million dollars which equated to a 2% investment into the pro soccer club Liverpool. Fast forward to today and that investment is now worth $32 Million dollars. It helps that Liverpool is in the UEFA Champions League Final. Liverpool also has the best player Mohamed Salah and his jersey sales are thru the ro.

Congrats are defintiely in order for Lebron and his team who continue to kill it on and f the court.

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JUST IN: LeBron James' initial investment for 2% Liverpool, who is now in the UEFA Champions League Final, is worth nearly five times what he paid for it in 2011.

Sources said he paid $6.5 million. Now worth at least $32 million.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell)

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