Legendary Raver Clothing Brand Shutting Down After Two Decades [Details]

JNCO jeans were the hottest clothing trend to come out the ’90s rave scene — but unfortunately, the brand has announced it will soon completely phase out.

After a mild comeback last year, JNCO is ficially selling f the last its inventory. The silver lining — for anyone who wants to rock the style loved by ravers, skaters, and rebels — the going out business sad rocks a “buy 2 get 1 free” discount.

This is more than the end a line, this is the end an era. Those old, oversized, wide leg pants buried deep inside our dresser drawers will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Cop the very last JNCO styles  before they sell out forever, and read the ficial statement from the brand below.


JNCO Official Closing Statement

Since the 1990’s, JNCO jeans have been the premier denim brand the counterculture. From our inception as the ultimate wide-legged jean alternative to our latest contemporary models; ravers, skaters, and rebels alike have found their voice in our unique line apparel.

While we here at JNCO are so proud to have fered an outlet for voices ten overlooked, we will soon be ending another chapter JNCO history.

Due to licensing issues, JNCO will be ending production and concluding all sales through our website, .

“We were honored to serve our vast customer base and with harsh feelings will be winding down operations.”

While this is an end an era for JNCO, what JNCO stands for will continue to live on in all our customers and fans who will carry on the spirit our brand and all it represents.

For our loyal base fans looking to acquire a few more pieces JNCO gear from their favorite shop, we still have limited supplies apparel available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Thank you to all who have made JNCO special. We’ve truly enjoyed making clothing for such a devoted base enthusiasts.

Judge None Choose One, now and forever! Stay true JNCO lovers!


Photo courtesy JNCO Jeans 

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