Lil B Reflects On Crying Tears Of Joy After Watching Soulja Boy Videos

In many ways, plenty modern-day hip-hop friends were pioneered by Lil B, better known as The Based God. With a strange yet magnetic presence, Lil B captivated and reviled audiences with Lo Fi singles like "Swag Like Ohio," "Won Ton Soup," and "Bill Bellamy." While some were quick to write him f, Joe Budden learned the hard way that Lil B can actually rap when provoked; the Based God even held his own in the 2011 XXL Freestyle alongside Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, and more.

He's certainly earned himself a few detractors, but hip-hop has generally accepted and respected the Based God. As it happens, Black Ken took to Twitter to sing the praises another divisive character, Soulja Boy Tell'Em. "Also i cried on the plane watching soulja boy videos," reflects Lil B. "soulja boy was the first person with the swag and to turn on swag on and repping it Lil B took to another level but soulja was truly the first with the swag pay respects while people are alive life is good."

The image Lil B weeping tears joy while watching Soulja Boy videos is one for the ages. 

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