Lil B Shares His 28th Birthday With The Basedworld Massive

It should come as no surprised that Lil B offered his birthday as a dowry to his devoted fanbase, the Basedworld masssive. Earlier in the year Lil B organized his very first art vernissage, in which all the articles including the crown mouldings were given away on a first come first serve basis. The mad scramble that ensued was the very anthithesis of how the art world goes about their business. For his 28th birthday, Lil B was feeling equally charitable. On Twitter, the Based God proclaimed his birthday a public offering to all his fans.

Those who view Lil B under the confines of a "conventional rapper" wonder how he stays relevant without consistently pushing out new music. The truth of the matter is that pushing out music comes second to pushing out content, the only difference is that without downloadable/streamable content you don't make $. But alas, money doesn't make Lil B a happy human, he'd rather use his voice for kindness. While he does seem overly sentimental, to the point of ridicule, you can't help but smile on occasion.

Happy 28th Lil B, you share your a birthday with Lil Pump, one spot removed from Young Thug on the 16th.

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