Lil Durk To Be Released On A $250K Bond

As cries of "Free Lil Durk" ring throughout the rap game, it would appear that the Chicago rapper has caught a much-needed break. After turning himself in to police custody over his reported role in an Atlanta shooting, a judge has officially granted Durk a $250k bond. According to TMZ, Durk also managed to skate house arrest, though he was given a curfew between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM. In order to enforce the parameters of his release, Durk is to be outfitted with an ankle monitor. The news bodes well for Durk, who was given the news during a court hearing earlier this morning.

There are additional conditions to his bond, as reported by WSBTV. For one, Durk is not allowed to be near a weapon, and "witness intimidation" is absolutely forbidden. The news follows reports of a video, in which Durk can reportedly be seen shooting a man in a drive-by. With Durk allegedly set to be released on Friday, it's difficult to assess whether he'll emerge from this one with his freedom intact. As of now, he's facing five felony charges, though he has pledged to be cooperative with authorities, claiming he has "nothing to hide." 

More on this as it develops. 

Lil Durk To Be Released On A $250K Bond

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