Lil Durk’s Court-Assigned Curfew Is Messing With His Finances

Lil Durk is currently in a legal conundrum as he waits for the proceedings relating to his attempted murder case to unfold. Durk was involved in a drive-by shooting earlier this year and the latter left one man with non-fatal injuries. Existing video footage is believed to have captured Lil Durk allegedly pulling the trigger on a man in February and this was what was keeping the rapper jailed. When he turned himself in, fans did not know what to expect, but he was released out on bond shortly afterward. Though Durkio was forced to follow a court-appointed curfew and wear an ankle monitor. 

Unfortunately for Durk, the curfew was set from 11 pm to 7 am and considering a lot of artists get their money from late night shows, it is beginning to toy with his bag. According to TMZ, Durk has been getting numerous calls and offers to perform and make appearances, but a lot of these are way past his curfew. Although he can only reschedule, for now, it is fair to say the former is playing with his money. Lil Durk usually charges $30k per show hence that is some serious coin to step out on. And his GSP-tracking ankle bracelet also does not allow him to sneak out and attend his shows. Hopefully, the legal scuffle resolves soon so the rapper can get back to the money.

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