Lil Jon Reacts To New ATL Rappers, Young Nudy, Lil Keed, Zack Fox, & More: The Cosign

Atlanta's Lil Jon is not only a legend in his hometown but all around the world as well. He helped put ATL’s crunk music scene on the map, playing nearly every role in the music business, from A&R to producer to rapper. Since he's had such a concrete place in the Atlanta hip-hop scene for decades, Genius recruited Lil J to review the Atlanta rappers on the rise: Young Nudy, Lil Keed, Zack Fox, Killuminatii, and the Tiny Twinz.

 As for Young Nudy, Jon thought the song (Shotta) was "cool," saying, "I like his flow, I like his style. I was an A&R guy, so I can see his talent. He just gonna get better and better and better." He repeats, "really really catchy flow," claiming there's an "extra thing that catches you and sticks in your head." He went on to listen to 19 year-old Killumantii, kickstarting his critique with "we had no female rappers and now we got a shit load of female rappers. I love it" He admits to never having heard of her, but says the quality of the video is nice."I like the fact she's 19 and shes already spittin," he continues, but says that he would like to see what her "thing" is, where she'd like to "sit in the game"; pointing out that Megan Thee Stallion's thing is "she sexy," i wanna see what her "thing" is, where she's tryna sit in the game

He moves on to review Little Women: Atlanta stars, The Tiny Twinz, saying "Who knows mannn? In hop hop now, anything can happen," commending them for their twerking skills. "They decent," he says, "I don't think this one is the one though." As for Lil keed, Lil J claims he "reminds me of a Young Thug," elaborating that it's "not just the hair, but the flow." aswell. "In all of these young kids, I just see growth, I see the future." His final contender is the comedic rapper, Zach Fox, whom he says must appeal to this younger generation. "They love this slow, hard beat, aggressive vocal, turn up shit." He really seems to enjoy Fox, saying that people should "stop tryna be hard and be so goddamn cool." "Comedy is everything now, that's what's going to make you go viral." The "king of crunk" claims. "The world is so fucked up, people don't wanna be serious all the time. we need to laugh, we need to escape. So this is awesome." he concludes. 

When it comes time to choose his pick, Lil J insists that "all of them I think have talent, even the Tiny Twinz. Nobody was trash to me." The rapper that eventually gets his cosign is Zach Fox, for the "turn up hook" and beat and "comedic as f*ck" and "out of the box" video.

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