Lil Nas X Bites Drake’s "Take Care" For Latest Album "Artwork"

After unveiling the artwork for his upcoming 7 album, then renigging it, opting for a play on Drake's Nothing Was The Same album, Lil Nas X has now issued yet another update to his cover art.

This time around, the southern breakout is taking from Drake's Take Care album to craft his latest piece of artwork.

"I’ve decided to change the album artwork after being accused of stealing," he tweeted. "here is the new one. happy to share it with you guys."

In the new cover, Nas artfully places his head over Drake's in a bout of photoshop play that succeeds in being so intricate and undetectable.

"Yoo this is so original & creative," gushes one fan. "love the artwork."

The artist has long established himself as an internet jester, gladly owning his trolling ways, a habit that has largely contributed to the artist's immense fanbase post-"Old Town Road."

While his shenanigans are fun to watch, we'll put our money on the probability of his first piece of artwork ultimately being the official piece. Riding off the wave of one song will prove to be the challenge that Nas will have to conquer with the arrival of 7, but just what his artistry will bring when that comes is really up in the air at this point


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