Lil Nas X Defends His Gimmick: "Nobody Forcing Me To Wear Cowboy Hats"

Lil Nas X is facing commentary from all angles, as it pertains to his public image. Once you reach, there's really no looking back, until they, the public, have chosen to scrub you out. "Lil Tay" is a good example of a latent scrubbing process that takes months if not years to complete. Her money-grubbing character will probably rest at 60% "eradicated" by the time this write-up goes to press, give or take a few low-lying decimal points. 

Lil Nas X Defends His Gimmick: "Nobody Forcing Me To Wear Cowboy Hats"

Rich Fury/Getty Images

In the case of Lil Nas X's ascension to fame, there will invariably come a point where he'll be forced to abandon the Western get-up or make something new of it. Part of the criticism surrounding the Cowboy motif is that people don't think it's self-generated, or genuinely conceived. So what did Lil Nas X regarding the negative coverage? Well, he looked it in the face then proceed with his rebuttal.

"Nobody forcing me to wear cowboy hats," he plainly stated on Twitter this afternoon. "If u had a yee haw ass song go number 1 for weeks you would be wearing the shit too." Hate to say it, but judging by the way he's handled himself thus far, it's hard to rock with him on this talking point. Wouldn't you do the same? Be honest, aren't we all just looking for an excuse to wear that picture perfect Stetson we spotted in the Sears Catalog? I rest my case, and my Cowboy hat all the same.

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