Lil Nas X Says He Needs "A Lil More Time" To Craft His "Dope" EP

Lil Nas X is the 20-year-old artist who has blown up in what feels like a day thanks to his hit "Old Town Road." Considering the removal of his track from the Billboard Country Charts, due to the publication not clarifying it as a country song, it hasn't stopped Lil Nas from seriously making a name for himself in the industry. 

Lil Nas X Says He Needs "A Lil More Time" To Craft His "Dope" EP
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty

As his fan base grows (and North West continues to make music videos with his songs) his followers won't stop hitting him up in need of new music as "Old Town Road" becomes an older track. It's for this reason that Lil Nas has responded to an eager listener on Twitter, giving them an update on what's to come. "Plz dont make me wait any longer... been counting days and looking up new releases on spotify but it just aint the same without the new album... drop it already," one user tweeted next to a GIF of Justin Timberlake starring into a camera. 

Lil Nas followed up writing: "The ep will come first, including panini, bring u down, rodeo, etc. and i’m tryna have it out like extremely soon. it will be dope give me a lil more time."

So there you have it, Lil Nas is taking his time, making sure his next drop will be just as successful as his first. 

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