Lil Nas X Shares Full "7" Tracklist & It’s Not All "Old Town Road"

At the beginning of this year, Lil Nas X was still trying to bring eyes to his meme song "Old Town Road," complete with a video inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. Six months into the year, nobody could have predicted how big the song grew to be. It has now been the most popular song in the country for nine straight weeks and the reign doesn't appear to be nearing its end. LNX is happy banking on the success of his one song before dropping a full project but with the bag in plain view, he has just revealed the full tracklist for his upcoming 7-song EP.

Lil Nas X Shares Full "7" Tracklist & It's Not All "Old Town Road"
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Titled 7, the work is set to be released in the coming weeks and after teasing a partial tracklist for it a few weeks ago, Lil Nas X has come through with the real deal. Unfortunately, it's not just filled with "Old Town Road" remixes and Drake's recycled album covers. We actually will be getting some new music from the man who many are describing as a "one-hit-wonder." 

Some of the songs listed have been previewed in the past, like the Take A Daytrip-produced "Panini." The track will appear just after "Old Town Road" before rolling into five brand new hits. Do you think Lil Nas X will be able to prove his longevity through his debut project?

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