Lil Nas X’s "Old Town Road" Music Video Arrives Next Week

Lil Nas X is the 20-year-old whose "Old Town Road" single is currently sitting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The Atlanta, Georgia bred artist has gone from being just another rising act to one of the most recognizable in the game with his beloved cowboy hat, that he recently stated he's not forced to wear. 

"Nobody forcing me to wear cowboy hats. If u had a yee haw ass song go number 1 for weeks you would be wearing the shit too," he wrote on Twitter. 

If you're not sick of his hit song yet, then we're here with good news since he's taken to Instagram to announce that his music video is on the way. While we have absolutely no idea what it will entail, from the photo he shared to Instagram (that shows the video completely blocked off with a cowboy emoji) we can see that plush green hills will be featured in the first few seconds.  

"OLD TOWN ROAD MUSIC VIDEO NEXT WEEK!!! ITS A MOVIE!!!" he captioned the image. 

Cardi B invited Lil Nas X out to perform on stage during her Fashion Nova collection launch earlier this week and shouted him out for her Billboard success. 

"It's mothafuckin' hard to get a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100," she said, before bringing on stage. "

That shit is hard as fuck! So every single time I see somebody getting that spot I be like 'Damn, I'm proud of you bitch. I'm proud of you, nigga.' When I got my first #1, I cried like a muthafucka. So I wanna say that I'm so proud of this young guy who's about to come up and fuck up the stage because his #1 is still #1 after they tried to deny his mothafuckin' entry."

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